Spelling Sergeant

When someone has been away for a long time, it’s always emotional when the two get to meet again. This is especially true of a father and daughter when the reunion is unexpected. Watch, smile and grab some tissues:

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Silence of Love

This is another Thai life insurance commercial series (Previous ones were My Girl and I want More Time) that will bring tears to your eyes. Grab that tissue box.

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Waiting Room

“If I have learned one thing in life it is this: If you can find a woman that you can laugh naked with in front of, hold onto her and never let go.”

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Danny and Annie

The following is a true story of Danny and Annie. It was told by the real people involved, then illustrated into animation by StoryCorps. I think that it’s everyone’s dream to find a love like this. Be sure that you have a box of tissues nearby because you are going to need it by the end of the story:

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Disneyland Surprise

If you ever wanted something so bad when you were a kid that you thought it would be impossible to get, you’re going to love this video. It’s Lily’s 6th birthday and her mom has a little surprise for her. Her reaction is absolutely priceless and will undoubtedly have you reaching for those tissues:

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My Girl

This video is another wonderful commercial that was created by a Thai Insurance company (another one was I Want More Time). It’s amazing how well this set of commercials was able to grab my emotions within such a short period of time. You’ll want to watch this with the tissues nearby:

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Last Minute With Odin

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this video beyond that if you have ever had a dog that you loved (or just have a heart), you are going to need that tissue box (or two). Just watch and then go and hug any pets that you currently have:

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Marriage Proposal

Nothing like a good marriage proposal to bring a little water to the eyes. Well done…

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Hearing For The First Time

This is one of the videos that inspired me to create this blog. Sarah Churman had been deaf since birth and for the 29 years of her life she had to rely on hearing aids. Despite the hearing aids, she couldn’t hear all that well and often had to rely on lip reading. She had recently received an Esteem implant from Envoy Medical placed in her ear. The below video shows when the device was turned on. You will know the instant that is turned on by the sheer emotion that crosses her face. Grab the tissue box:

Here is an update for those interested in more information:

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Leave Me

This is a short film that caught me by surprise. Usually when I feel the onions taking effect while watching a video, it’s either obviously tears of joy or tears of sadness that appear. In this one I wasn’t sure which of the two it was, or what combination of the two it was. Judge for yourself and let me know your opinion:

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